Non-Recourse Loan Lender

The right deal doesn’t come along every day. That’s why you need a lender who moves as fast as you do. Unlike traditional lenders, IRA Power Loans, a premier non-recourse loan lender, helps savvy investors get stress-free financing quickly, so you don’t miss out on your next investment opportunity.

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Harness the Power of Leverage, Compounding Interest
& Tax Advantaged Growth with a Non-Recourse Loan

Use our Investment Calculator to analyze your real estate investment & see how you can take advantage of greater wealth-building opportunities with the help of a Power Loan.

Unparalleled IRA Lending Expertise in Non-Recourse Loans

IRA Power Loans provides an innovative lending solution for investors focused on building wealth. Our team has decades of experience in both non-recourse lending and self-directed IRAs. If you’re looking to leverage the power of a tax-advantaged IRA, let us show you the value of our Power Loan.

Our niche focus and technical expertise means we are able to create the best loan experience for our clients. We have the depth of experience, the streamlined process, and the desire to help you optimize your investment returns and create the retirement of your dreams.

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Build Wealth Faster with An Innovative Lending Process

You’re always looking for new, better ways to invest. Why waste your time with slow-to-respond, paper-based lending processes?

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Expert Guidance

from Non-Recourse Loan Specialists

Our team has decades of experience in non-recourse lending and self-directed IRAs. Our affiliation with a national title company, IRA Title Pro, means you get full-service support throughout the process, from researching a property to closing with non-recourse financing.

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Fast Turnaround

with a Leading Non-Recourse Lender

Most banks won’t offer non-recourse loans to investors and still rely on slow, paper-based processes. With our innovative technology, you can apply for an IRA Power Loan and get approved in as little as two weeks.


Increased Returns

through Non-Recourse Lending

You can use your IRA loan to invest in several types of properties or make improvements to property you already own to generate more income. This allows you to grow wealth faster with compound interest while reducing your taxable income by writing off depreciation and other operating expenses with non-recourse loans.

Enhancing Your Investment Journey with Non-Recourse Loan Expertise

With our innovative technologies and a deep knowledge of real estate loans, you can expect expert guidance, fast turnaround times, and optimized returns on your investment. Our entire business model was built with you in mind, focusing on two things – ease and speed. We strive to meet your investing timeframes and can often get you approved in as little as 14 days with our non-recourse lending expertise.

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Elevate Your IRA
& Strengthen Your Retirement Investment!

Unleash Your IRA’s Potential: The Essential UBIT Guide

Discover the power of smart investing with this definitive guide on Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT). This concise resource cuts through the complexity, offering Self-Directed IRA holders clarity on leveraging non-recourse loans for property investment without the tax headache. Your roadmap to a richer retirement!

Get the Free Guide!

The Benefit of Leverage with IRA Power Loans

You’ve discovered the advantages of a self-directed IRA. Let us help you discover the power of leverage. This powerful combination has long been a secret of the most successful real estate investors. The experts at IRA Power Loans can be your guide to understanding the benefits of leveraging debt in your IRA and how easy it can be to build the retirement of your dreams with a non-recourse loan from IRA Power Loans.